Message from the Superintendent

June 3, 2020

Dear Millwood Families:

The Millwood Public Schools Board, Staff and Administration are deeply saddened by the continued events surrounding the use of police force and brutality against Black Americans.  As a district that serves 97% Black families, we are well aware of the concerns and trepidation that our students, families and most staff have in regards to dealing with the law enforcement, thankfully it now seems that finally, the world is beginning to understand our fears. 

Our position at MPS is that we are ALWAYS concerned about racial injustice.  The difference in our concern from others is that unlike a rally, a protest or a social media post, our concern never passes.  The feeling of fear, empathy and compassion for those families that experience racial injustice never passes, because we are those families.  WE experience it with your children as we load up teams on buses and travel to the most rural areas in the state and bring 150 people of color to mostly white towns, WE feel it when we participate in State athletic and non-athletic competitions and our children are the only teams of color, WE feel it when our students participate in internships, concurrent enrollment or trips to the zoo when our students are often the only Blacks in a group. The feeling never passes.

We pride ourself in preparing our students to be Champions in the classroom, in the community and in life.  Racial injustice is nothing new to us and educating students on this is a part of that preparation.  Advocating for our population is what we do.  We will continue to fight for justice for our families and the Black community as a whole.  It is time for a change, and we will be on the frontlines pushing to make sure that our children get the chance to be the Champion that we all know they can be. Stay strong!   


Superintendent Cecilia Robinson-Woods