Cecilia  J. Robinson-Woods  is in her seventh  year as superintendent  of Millwood Public Schools  in Oklahoma City, OK. With   the goal of 100% of Millwood   students graduating college and career   ready.

Ms.  Robinson-­‐Woods  is a life-long educator  who received her B.S. degree  in Elementary Education from the   Oklahoma State University and her   M.Ed. degree from the University of   Oklahoma in Education Administration and Curriculum  Supervision in 1999. She is currently an Ed.D student  at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a degree in Education  Administration and Curriculum Supervision with the expected graduation  date of December 2019.  

During  Robinson­‐Woods’  tenure at Millwood  Public Schools she led  the charge to return Millwood  Public Schools to the northeast  community for career tech services  at Metro Technology Centers. A public   vote secured a 95% approval for this   move to occur. Robinson-­‐Woods is also responsible   for implementing new reading programs in the elementary school  that resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of 3rd grade  students being recommended for retention according to the State’s Reading   Sufficiency Act. During her tenure graduation rates have averaged above 96%  and suspensions have been reduced to well below 20%. Under her leadership Millwood  Public Schools also became one of the first “Charter Conversion” schools in the state.   Because of this distinction from the state, Millwood Public Schools is allowed to utilize  charter law to advance their mission as a public school, which is to ensure that all students are  prepared academically and socially for lifelong learning. In addition, under her tenure the Board has adopted a new district logo and motto of “Building Champions in the classroom, community and in life”.

 Robinson­‐Woods  was named the Women  of Color “Educator of  the Year” in 2015 and the Women of Color “Woman of the Year” 2020.  She currently serves as a member of the State Superintendents  Advisory Board, MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Council, James Mission Board member, President of the OSSAA  Board , USSA Executive Board Member, Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma Board Member and the Co-Chair for the  Governor’s Oklahoma Workforce Youth Council where she works to advance issues that work to   strengthen the Oklahoma City community and at Millwood. She is also a graduate of Leadership Oklahoma  City, Class of 33 as well as a charter member of the education committee for the Clara Luper Freedom Center Foundation as well as serves as the Community Director for the OU Medicine Inc. Board.