Millwood Public Schools Health Clinic Survey

Millwood Public Schools and Community Health Centers of Oklahoma are discussing the possibility of opening a School-Based Health Center to provide primary care and mental health services for students at Millwood.

We are in the process of conducting a needs assessment to determine the specific health needs of students and their families. In order to help us plan for the School-Based Health Center, we would like to ask you a few questions. Your answers are completely confidential. 
Why School-Based Health Centers? Access to Health Care For All Children
School-based health centers provide healthcare to all children who have parental permission, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay (often at no cost or low cost). The clinic will conduct routine screenings for hearing and vision. Students will be able to receive physicals at the clinic.

Regular Primary and Preventive Care
When health care is far away, expensive, or difficult to access, children are less likely to receive regular preventive care. School-based health centers offer care where the children are -- in schools.

Keeping Children in School
School-based health centers help keep children in school and ready to learn, treating acute and chronic health problems immediately and returning students to class as soon as possible.

Strong Parent and School Support
When parents/guardians give permission for their child to be seen at a school-based health center, they know they will not have to miss work to care for minor problems, and that their child will receive prompt attention from health providers trained at working with youth. The clinic will give support to parents to apply for Sooner Care.

Please complete survey by Monday, October 11, 2021

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